Program of Summer Camp PEIRA

The varied program, which lasts three weeks, is prepared for children. Every day (except days in that excursions are planned) the camp participants have three Czech language classes. At the end of the program they will get an A1 level of the Czech language according to SEFR.

Participants will not just study the Czech language but will also spend their vacation like Czech people; they will learn the main camping principles (of making a fire, cooking a tea etc.), they will devote some time to the unique Czech phenomenon, which is hiking.

The important part of the camp program is sport. We prepared for children nontraditional sports like hiking and rafting. It is not necessary that all camp participants are physically strong and have some experience in these sports. Our patient instructors will help everybody. Our camp goal is not to raise the perfect sportsmen but to evoke in children the joy from sport activity and to improve their physical condition.

People can get traumatized during being in woods or doing sports, which needs to be treated immediately, and it is the reason why we offer the course of the Red Cross that brings the knowing of the main principles of first aid and rescue operations.

The camp program also includes different excursions for seeing not only the nearest Jesenice surrounding but also some distant cities like Karlovy Vary and Plzeň. Children will enjoy three days in Prague, where they will visit historical places and the Prague zoological garden. The important part of this excursion is visiting of the main Prague universities. Besides we can offer a trip to the Saxon metropolis Dresden.

There is a special game prepared for camp participants, it goes on every day and its theme is changed every year. The goal of this game is not just to show the Czech Republic but also to make possible the learning of some other European countries.

We also organize other activities - Project "We are opening eastern route" is used by European residents in order to discover untouched Siberian nature and on the other hand by Siberians to discover European civilization. Czech youngsters’ expeditions to east took place in years 2012 and 2013 with support from EU programme Youth in action.

Game activities:  

  •  Basics of shooting from hand guns (air gun, rifle), presentation of large caliber weapons and other army weaponry.
  •  Basics of First Aid with improvised material.
  •  A strategic game with use of paintball.
  •  A work with a map and compass.
  •  A silent and hidden movement in the terrain.
  •  Basics of survival in nature.
  •  Rope techniques and basics of anseiling.
  •  Sport games in nature.
  •  Film illustrations and reading legionary diaries.